• Big Island, Rhode River
  • Dobbins Island, Sillery Bay
  • Gibson Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Little Island, Sillery Bay
  • St. Helena Island, Little Round Bay
  • Three Sisters Islands, Chesapeake Bay
  • Turkey Point Island, South River
  • White Rocks Islands, Patapsco River


  • Carroll Island, Gunpowder River
  • Hart Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Hathaway Island, Patapsco River
  • Miller Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Sue Island, Middle River


  • Broomes Island, Patuxent River
  • Buzzard Island, Patuxent River
  • Hog Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Solomons Island (formerly Somervell's Island), Patuxent River


  • Garrett Island, Susquehanna River
  • Indian Rock Island, Susquehanna River
  • Long Island, Susquehanna River
  • Mills Island, Susquehanna River
  • Rough Island, Susquehanna River
  • Rowland Island, Susquehanna River
  • Spencer Island, Susquehanna River
  • Steels Island, Susquehanna River
  • Sterrett Island, Susquehanna River


  • Chopawamsic Island, Potomac River
  • Cobb Island, Potomac River
  • Craney Island, Potomac River
  • Wills Island, Port Tobacco River


  • Asquith Island, Honga River
  • Barren Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Bloodsworth Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Cherry Island, Little Choptank River
  • Clay Island, Fishing Bay
  • Dunnock Island, Dunnock Slough
  • Elliott Island, Fishing Bay
  • Grays Island, Fishing Bay
  • Gunners Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Holland Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Hooper Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • James Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Jenny Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Long Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Middle Hooper Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Northeast Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Opossum Island, Tar Bay
  • Pone Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Poplar Island, Fishing Bay
  • Punch Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Ragged Island, Little Choptank River
  • Sharpes Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Spring Island, Holland Straits
  • Swan Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Taylors Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Upper Hooper Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Wroten Island, Honga River


  • Cox Island, Potomac River
  • Heaters Island (formerly Conoy Island), Potomac River
  • Mason Island, Potomac River
  • Nolands Island, Potomac River
  • Paton Island, Potomac River
  • Reed Island, Potomac River


  • Hamilton Island


  • Amos Island, Susquehanna River
  • Dutch Island, Susquehanna River
  • Hickorynut Island, Susquehanna River
  • Meadow Island, Susquehanna River
  • Mutton Islands, Susquehanna River
  • Pooles Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Ross Island, Susquehanna River
  • Roberts Island, Susquehanna River
  • Rowland Island, Susquehanna River
  • St. Catherine Island, Susquehanna River
  • Snake Island, Susquehanna River
  • Spencer Island, Susquehanna River
  • Spesutie Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Spry Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Wood Island, Susquehanna River


  • Cacaway Island, Langford Bay
  • Cockey Island, Chester River
  • Eastern Neck Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Little Neck Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Pooles Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Rush Island, Chesapeake Bay


  • Bear Island, Potomac River
  • Clagett Island, Potomac River
  • Conn Island, Potomac River
  • Harris Island, Potomac River
  • Harrisons Island, Potomac River
  • Herzog Island, Potomac River
  • High Island, Potomac River
  • Katie Island, Potomac River
  • Mason Island, Potomac River
  • Scott Island, Potomac River
  • Seldons Island, Potomac River
  • Sharpshin Island, Potomac River
  • Sherwin Island (Cupids Bower), Potomac River
  • Sycamore Island, Potomac River
  • Tenfoot Island, Potomac River
  • Trammel Island, Potomac River
  • Van Deventers Island, Potomac River
  • Watkins Island, Potomac River


  • Carpenter Island, Chester River
  • DeCourcy Island, Wye River
  • Herring Island, Eastern Bay
  • Hog Island, Prospect Bay
  • Johnson Island, Crab Alley Bay
  • Kent Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Parson Island, Eastern Bay
  • Wye Island, Wye River


  • Blakistone Island, Potomac River
  • Bullock Island, Wicomico River
  • Heron Island, Potomac River
  • St. Catherine Island, Potomac River
  • St. Clements Island, Potomac River
  • St. George Island, Potomac River
  • St. Margaret Island, Wicomico River
  • Tippity Wichity Island (formerly Lynch's Island), St. Mary's River


  • Big Island, Tangier Sound
  • Boat Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Deal Island, Tangier Sound
  • Deep Banks Island, Holland Straits
  • Fishing Island, Manokin River
  • Gab Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Hog Neck Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Horse Hammock, Tangier Sound
  • House Island, Tangier Sound
  • Janes Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Jersey Island, Little Annemessex River
  • Little Deal Island, Tangier Sound
  • Little Troy Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Maddox Island, Manokin River
  • Otter Island, Tangier Sound
  • Piney Island, Manokin River
  • Pry Island, Holland
  • St. Pierre Island, Manokin River
  • Smith Island, Cheseapeake Bay
  • Solomons Lump, Kedges Straits
  • South Marsh Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Swan Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Troy Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Turtle Egg Island, Holland Straits
  • Western Islands, Kedges Straits


  • Bruffs Island, Wye River
  • Coaches Neck Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Hambleton Island, Broad Creek
  • Herring Island, Miles River
  • Jefferson Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Nelson Island, Choptank River
  • Poplar Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Royston Island, Choptank River
  • Sharps Island, Chesapeake Bay
  • Tilghman Island, Chesapeake Bay


  • Duck Island, Potomac River
  • Knott Island, Potomac River


  • Assacorkin Island, Chincoteague Bay
  • Assateague Island, Atlantic Ocean
  • Beacon Clumps, Chincoteague Bay
  • Big Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Boar Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Cedar Island, Chincoteague Bay
  • Collier Island, Isle of Wight Bay
  • Corn Hammock, Assawoman Bay
  • Cropper Island, Newport Bay
  • Devil Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Dog and Bitch Island, Isle of Wight Bay
  • Eagle Island, St. Martin River
  • Gambage Island, Turville Creek
  • Grassy Island, Isle of Wight Bay
  • Hen and Chickens Island, St. Martin River
  • Hills Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Horse Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Horse Island, Isle of Wight Bay
  • Isle of Wight, Intracoastal Waterway
  • Johns Hammock, Assawoman Bay
  • Lumber Island, Chincoteague Bay
  • Margots Island, St. Martin River
  • Mills Island, Chincoteague Bay
  • Oak Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Outward Trump, Chincoteague Bay
  • Piney Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Piney Island, Grey Creek
  • Piney Island, St. Martin River
  • Pope Island, Chincoteague Bay
  • Rattlesnake Island, Martin Bay
  • Reedy Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Reedy Island, Isle of Wight Bay
  • Rich Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Robins Marsh, Chincoteague Bay
  • St. George Island
  • Sandy Point Island, Sinepuxent Bay
  • South Hammocks Island, Assawoman Bay
  • Steves Island, Wicomico River
  • Tingles Island, Chincoteague Bay
  • Tizzard Island, Johnson Bay

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